El Salvador - Las Delicias Pacamara

A hybrid of the native Salvadorian pacas bourbon. and the giant Maragogype varietal. Grown by the Menendez Estates in Atiquizaya Mountain region of El Salvador between the 1,750 meters above sea level. Don Miguel has grown these pacamara shrubs at the highest point of any of his farms, bringing out amazing acidity and sweetness due the slow growth of the fruit.

The coffee is fully washed and processed at his mill. This lot was selected specifically for Loma coffee by Don Miguel himself, after reserving a few sections of the farm that cupped out better than any other.

Cupping Notes: honeycomb and molasses sweetness with a light milk chocolate body. It finishes very clean with tropical fruit flavors throughout. Guava and starfruit are dominant and wraps up with a sparkling finish with very light acidity balancing out the sweet body.

Roast Level: this pacamara is roasted in the medium-light territory to keep its unique brightness intact while developing it enough to bring out the chocolate. Pacamaras are notoriously difficult to roast but the results are always rewarding since this is considered to be one of the most complex coffee varietals you can find.